Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Super Bowl Recap

The game is over the Colts (be careful how you type) are champs. Its cool to see Peyton win one. It's also cool to see a coach. team, and organization that is built around doing things the right way get it done. Its also really cool to see it be done by a coach who is a Christ Follower and not afraid to say so and place the praise in a proper way. You can just tell that iti s much more genione than the typical "I'd like to thank God..." speech we have come to expect from athletes and performers.
From a purely sports aspect, I posted here a breakdown of how I thought things were. This post is about reviewing these points. We'll see if my predictions/ assumptions panned out.

QB: While neither guy had a spectacular game by any means Peyton did what has become the reason I think they won it this year. He did what he could and didnt try too much, except that first quarter interception. Rex never got a rythmn going. I think he is being given WAY too much blame for the loss.
RB: Once the fumble fest subsuded in the 2nd quarter, most of these guys were steady. Like I previously mentioned, no rythm for the Bears/
WR: Reggie Wayne had the biggest play of the night on a busted coverage. Someone always seems to come through for the Colts.
TE: Dallas Clark was all he was expected to be and Desmond no where to be found.
OL: I'll have to mark this one a push. Neither team was great here but there were no major faux pas either. Just solid mediocre football by both squads.
DL: The Bears were doing theor best to get after Peyton but after the bomb to Wayne they backed off big time. Fairly solid against the run. The Colts stopped the run and made Rex the deciding factor; they win becaue they executed their game plan.
LB: Urlacher is just amazing. He is everywhere and playing what seems to be the right position every time. The Bears did not lose for his lack of effort.
DB: Even without Harper for the full game the Colts did enough here to stop the run and never gave the big pass away.
Kick D: The Bears win becuse they were just OK.
Kick Returns: Hester is an animal! The fact that he ran the opener back led to a success for the Colts when they squibbed it and it was fumbled. The Bears then pulled him the next time just so the Colts would actually kick off. He's truly a game changer.
Punter: Maynard never really got the chance to change the field on the Colts; Smith did his job (except that he botched that xtra point)
Place Kicker: Vinatieri actually missed a Super Bowl kick! Both guys got 1 through: PUSH

In my original post I had 6-5 Bears, this post gamer makes it 7-3 Colts. They just simply executed their plan better than the Bears. A good game. Interesting to say the least with the weather. Both teams should be contenders again next season. Great times for the upper midwest!!!

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