Monday, February 12, 2007

Book #4 - No Excuses by Charlie Weis

There is no surprise to anyone that knows me that I have always loved Notre Dame. So it would also be no surprise that I would read a book by an ND coach, or that I would like said book. Reading this book confirmed the fact that I really like Charlie Weis and know that he is the tyoe of coach that any parent would love to have their kid play for. Yes he swears, but we too often just expect that those who are not Christ followers should automaticaly take on our value systems and lifestyle choices. That is a discussion for another post...
I found an awful lot that can be applied to my life from this book. Weis talks about what it means to be a good loser. You never have to like losing, but you better be a good loser whn it happens. He also talks about winning with integrity, not making excuses for your shortcomings, and the ethics of hard work. All things that our culture has become quite poor at.
The book is written in a style that many ages can easily read and glean from his perspectives. I would definately call No Excuses, like the coach himself, a winner.

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