Friday, February 23, 2007

Thoughts on spiritual Transformation

The questions posed by Mark Waltz on his blog regarding Spiritual Transformation have me thinking. It might be because this is right where we are at CRMC right now. In the process of feeling out/ launching a full fledged discipleship plan. It might be just because this is something central to all Christ followers and their journey. Here are the 10 questions he asks:

1. How is spiritual transformation defined in our church?
2. What does a "win" look like in spiritual transformation?
3. In what ways is spiritual transformation expressed in our mission, vision and values?
4. How are we trusting or not trusting the Holy Spirit to transform the lives of our people?
5. Does this feel like an “add-on” to everything else we’re doing... or how is it integrated into the fabric of our church life?
6. Is there evidence that our people are engaging spiritual transformation as a lifestyle? If not, what's preventing that reality?
7. What key words, what important concepts will we use to cast vision and create a culture of spiritual transformation that is embraced by our people?
8. What environments will we intentionally continue or create to help our people engage the story of the Bible in their journey of spiritual transformation?
9. How do we help our people engage spiritual disciplines as pathways rather than task items to mark off their to-do lists?

10. How will we measure and celebrate spiritual transformation in the lives of our people?

You can read the entire post here. I really wanted to leave a few comments as he requests but I feel like I need to mull this one for a while first.

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mark waltz said...

I'm eager to see your comments. I'll take them "unmulled". Thanks for reading... look forward to the conversation.