Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Rumblings, Ramblings, Grumblings

  • Ive been mostly checked out of the blogosphere for a few days. Life seems to get in the way of so much. Not always in a bad way either.
  • 24 was decent tonight. They always seems to find a way to add more plot twists. What will President Logan be able to give to the plot????
  • FPU was good tonight. Along with the budgeting lesson we had some good discussion. Too bad we had some people missing tonight during such a key lesson.
  • I am coming quickly to the realization that I need to remember that not every need is a calling in my life.
  • Worked security for a Screamo concert Friday night. Interesting experience.
  • Got word that I will be managing a LL baseball team this year. Looking forward to it. Hoping to keep the opportunity to have eternal impact at the forefront. Too many times we get inward focused in the church and sit and wait for the world to come to us.
  • Still definately winter here but the snow started melting today, MLB teams are starting spring training, it won't be long until the good weather hits.
  • Looking forward to fantasy baseball
  • I hate cold sores
  • Discipline is the key to getting things done in my world. I need more of it.
  • If I can ever track down who it is that got ahold of my Visa # I might have to start a jail ministry...

Enough for now, just wanted to get a few thoughts out there to get my mind in gear for the week

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