Saturday, August 8, 2009

5 Easy Steps to Wreck Your Life

I'll be checking into this series form

Random Thoughts ...

  • I always think that it would be better if there were more hours in the day; I'd likely just make a mess of those as well

  • Football season is almost here -- high school (my son is on the freshmen team), college (read Notre Dame), NFL.

  • Hunting season is almost here -- Gotta get the gun cleaned up and sighted in, check the bow, get out and scout a bit.

  • the last month has blew past me. General Conference, 4H, family camp made the time fly.

  • I'm pretty excited about the way things are looking at work. A long way to go for our department but I think we are pointing the right direction.

  • Gotta get the book reviews for the last two books I read finished

  • I need to clean up my Bloglines account. Too many blogs and not the time to sift the material.

  • staying focused is hard. so many distractions, so many good paths to choose.
  • baseball season is always great. But it sure seems better when both the Sox and Cubs are battling for 1st place.
  • we're so busy looking for our next "blessing" that we rarely notice how blessed we are

The anticipation builds for Dekker fans ... Green is almost here