Saturday, February 3, 2007

Book #3 - The Blogging Church by Bailey and Storch

I'm right on pace for my 30 books for 2007 and am keeping to my plan of balance in genres. Feeling pretty good about that; widh some of my other goals were going as well...

This book slid to the front of my intended to read pile quickly as I heard about it's release. I just personally made a real entrance to the Blogosphere in December. I began my first blog (this one) later in the month. I began to be challenged with how this from of technology could be used for fun, enrichment, information, and to challenge the world. The Blogging Church came along at the perfect time for me. The authors have provided a book that is both informative but I believe will also serve as a resourse for those who currently are using and thos who are yet to join the Blogophere. I know it will be invaluable to CRMC as we ponder and begin our first ministry related blog in the coming weeks.
The book is well divided, easy to read, and accomplishes all that it set out to do. Amidst all of the great information (including info on great blog links to look into) are sets of questions and challenges that will keep the beginning and experinced blogger in focus and on task if followed. One of the biggest take aways for me came in chapter 15:

Lets be honest: none of us is as smart as we think we are or deserves what we have. We are blessed to serve in ministry and to have the platform and position He has given us.

I know that I will be keeping this book on and easy to get to shelf as I will return to it as I venture on in my blogging experience. If you or anyone you know is a blogger or is think ing about beginning blog I would recommend this book as a resource whether the blog is a personal or a ministry/ vocational one.

I currently have 3 books going; one on personal health, a biography, and a ministry related one. Not sure which will finish first, but there should be a post for book #4 rather soon.

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