Saturday, February 3, 2007

FPU is 10 days away

10 days until our newest Financial Peace University (FPU) class begins. I am excited to see what can/ will happen in the lives of the families that are participating. Micki and I always get more out of it each time we go through. It also helps with our motivation and discipline to "work the plan". Arrangements can still be made for ayone who wants to participate. Give me a call, send an email, call the church, respond to this post, send a carrier pigeon, whatever you need to do.
This class will arm you with the information and discipline to become the master of your finances. You can win! This is one of those things that I am convinced will not only change families for generations to come but will change churches as well. When was the last time you were able to respond to the promting of your conscience to meet a need rather than thinking "I wish I could help, but..."?
We have 11 people confirmed for this class, not including anyone who may be a return student, and I would love to make it 20. I borrowed the following list from Joseph Sangl:

Top 10 Signs That You May Have A Money Problem

  1. You sold your child on E-bay last week to pay off the dog you bought with 90-days same as cash.
  2. When you plug your expenses into the INCOME - OUTGO = EXACTLY ZERO budget form, INCOME - OUTGO actually equals "Microsoft Excel Gives Up"
  3. Check Into Cash holds a ceremony in your honor
  4. You have eaten ramen noodles for eight straight weeks, but your pet is eating Eukanuba Reduced Fat dog food for $20.29/bag.
  5. You cringe every time that the phone rings
  6. When the credit card companies actually believe that you have too much debt and stop sending you credit card applications
  7. Your hand suffers a 3rd-degree burn when you write a check
  8. You are afraid to discuss debt with your spouse
  9. When your child tells you, "Man. We sure have a whole lot of debt!"
  10. If you can not imagine or remember what it was like to NOT have debt.

Let me say first off that I am far from perfect in the area of finances; but I have found a plan that helps me win as long as I stay with it. What are you waiting for???

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