Monday, February 26, 2007

Jesus' Tomb found

So just about everyone has seen that James Cameron of Titanic fame has supposedly found the tomb of Jesus. It has already started and I am sure that it will increase exponetially over the coming days; the amount of chatter in the blogosphere about it. Many scholars are already criticizing the documentary. Many people far smater than I will I'm sure weigh in on this one as well. For now I just have a few questions to throw out for thought on the issue:
  • Do you think that it is any coincidence that this is coming out just weeks before Easter?
  • One of the co-producers stated on the Today show that he did not htink that this precludes a ressurection; only an ascension. Doesn't that still remove his deity?
  • Even if these are actual artifacts from the time of Jesus; could they not have been placed by the Romans or other non-believers in an attempt to discredit Christianity?
  • Is it a little too convienient that suddenly all the peices fell in to place?

I believe that as the Church we should never back away from open debate on the things of God. We must also nove forward with our eyes wide open. Is this type of documentary enough to rattle our faith in God to a point of disbelief? If so, we have deeper issues. Too many will only see what they want to see in this. Unbelievers can say "I told you so", believers can cry "FRAUD". The fact is that we should recognize that any opprtunity to talk about Jesus is an opportunity for the Kingdom. The challenge for us is to be prepared to give an answer for the hope that lies within us...

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