Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Day Off Blog

I actually had two nights (SUN and MON) in a row this week but Im really counting Tuesday as my day off. Sunday was a blur after working overnight, doing church, a potluck dinner, and Mason' s speech competition (he won by the way!!!!!). Monday I took the kids to school, worked at the church for half a day and then took the boys to wrestling camp just before rushing to lead FPU. I topped it off by watching 24 and then The Prestige before calling it a day. Tuesday was as follows:
  • took kids to school
  • watched The Great Raid
  • went to the library
  • watched United 93
  • read for a while
  • cooked supper for the family
  • watched Flushed Away
  • TV and a mini nap before heading back to work

Not too bad. Not a lot of productive work involved but a good day off none the less. Ive really been on a movie tear of late. Need top finish a book. I currently have 4 in progress.

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