Thursday, February 22, 2007

Movie reviews X3

I've watched 3 movies in thge past 24 hours - that's about 3 more than in the last month I'm sure. All part of my effort to actually capture my days off. Here they are

World Trade Center
I went into this one a bit leery because of Oliver Stone. I was waiting for the conspiracy theory; it never came. This is just a story about a group of guys doing what they did because it was the job they chose and they wouldn't have had it any other way, no matter the outcome. Also some good reminders of what the families of civil servants go through every day. I like it when a movie isn't what you thought it would be sometimes. I'd recommend it for sure: A-

The Guardian
This one borrowed on the ried and true Top Gun formula of the young guy coming in and earning his stripes being taught by the older and wiser leader and learning about love from a girl. That aside it was pretty well done. It gave a fair glimpse into the life that the rescue swimmer faces. These guys are really heroes. Not one to buy, but not a waste of time either. B+

I got this one from the library because it was one that I thought would be interesting. It got some Academy Award nomination last year, but was not that popular with the people. I can see why. There is a hoplessness in this film. The feeling that all we will ever do really amounts to nothing. Very frustrating to watch. The most redeeming quality I found was how training for an opportunity that may/ may never come. Life is like that, we need to be prepared no matter what happens. We can't sit and complain about circumstances when we don't get overselves ready for them. Jamie Foxx is a pretty incredible actor as well C-

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