Tuesday, February 27, 2007

FPU Week 3 is in the books

We went through lesson #3 last night, "Relating with Money". Great discussion about no matter if youre a man, woman, nerd, free spirit, married or single, we all look at money in different ways. Great reminders for me as a husband and father.
I am so glad that we have changed the format to a small group on a night when there are no other services. I didn't realize how much we rushed through the first two time through the course. Not that we are pushing past our 2 hours, in fact we were done a few minutes early last night!
The thing that I am the most proud of is that every family in the group is participating in discussion ahs accomplished that first month's budget. That's a huge step!!! Everyone has been willing to be open about their situations and it gives a support network as each family works their plan. It also gives us things to pray for. This is real world stuff!!! I can't wait to see what these families do as they walk their way out of financial bondage, God is good.

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