Friday, February 9, 2007

Random Thoughts

  • Being sick is no fun
  • having 3 people in the family sick at one time is REALLY no fun!
  • It's been an odd week: severe cold weather, school closings, sick family
  • Hopefully will finish book #4 today
  • anticipating a good time working the middle school wrestling tournament tommorrow
  • Exciting to see the High School team make it to State on the 6th consecutive try Here's the story
  • the calendar seems to be filling quickly again; gotta guard home time and make sure that the power of the Easter season doesn't get lost
  • Speaking of LOST, Ive never gotten into it; feel like an outsider to those who are fans.
  • Maybe that's a good feeling for me; I can possibly see what it's like to be an outsider to the church... trying to let that sink in
  • Im glad the Colts won. I'm even more glad that Tony and Lovie's faith has become about as big a story as their color
  • Daytona speed week starts Saturday... Go Jimmie Go!!!
  • Anxious to get the state EMT written exam out of the way
  • time to get back to work....

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