Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Super Bowl Breakdown

Thought that I would take a look at the positions in the matchup and see who has an advantage.

Not much to say here; easily the most one sided comparison.

Running Backs:
Both teams have a quality two back attack. Very similar to each other in this aspect. I'm giving a slight edge to Jones and Benson because they are better at catching passes out of the backfield.

Wide Recievers:
Muhammed is always underrated and Berrian has had a great season but Harrison and Wayne are in the elite class.

Tight Ends:
Good players on both teams here but Dallas Clark is a versatile weapon.

Offensive Line:
Both teams are running the ball well and protecting their QB. Would be a push except Indy has been drawing sevral penalties per game of late.

Defensive Line:
The Indy front's new commitment to stopping the run makes them lethal. The Bears are just SOLID. Both lines get after the QB well.

Just like the wideouts, one team is good but the other has top shelf talent at this position. Urlacher and Briggs, enough said.

Defensive Backs:
Both teams are kinda beat up, especially at the safeties. Bob Sanders has proven to be the missing link and gives the slight advantage.

Kick Defense:
This has been the weakest link in the Indy arsenal all 3 weeks.

Kick Returns:
Devin Hester... period

Smith is a top-shelf kicker; Maynard is a field position weapon

Place Kicker
Gould has been incredible with a capital I, especially considering he is outdoors in Chicago. But you cannot go against the guy who has already made two game winners in the Super Bowl.

Final tally: 6-5 Bears. I think that this game will be much closer than people are giving credit; unless Rex implodes. If you are a wagering person, I'd take the 7 and run with them right now.

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