Wednesday, January 17, 2007

mid week ramblings

  • 5 days until another episode of 24 (insert frownie emoticon here!)
  • you can find a list of all of Jack's kills here
  • tomorrow is the final exam for my EMT class - now I can actually watch the Unit on Tues nights
  • like my new clock?
  • I feel pulled in SO many directions right now. Tons of cool stuff God is teaching me. Ive got visions for so many things and so few hours in the day.
  • The 3 teams that I have always followed/ rooted for in the NFL are all in the conference championship games this week. I'm assured of at least 1 team to pull for in the Super Bowl.
  • I need to plan a personal day away to get focused and plan family and ministry strategy
  • I need to plan a date night with my wife
  • I need to plan dates with my kids
  • I need to make some reservations for our Spring Break family getaway
  • I need to stop typing this blog and get some real work done (insert whistling emoticon)

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