Thursday, January 4, 2007


In a previous post I noted that I had a goal of reading at least 30 books in 2007. As you can see from my sidebar I have got a few going. I think that I have 4 books actually in process right now. My wife can't see how I can have more than one book going just like I don;t see how she has multiple craft projects at the same time. I believe that I also have at least 5 others awaiting a start. If I can keep at it 30 might be too low to set the bar. I don;t however want to just read for the sake of saying that I read. That's why some of the books take a lot longer and I have to put them down and then pick them back up. The "Why Men Hate Church" book is like that for sure. Anywhoo, part of my self-discipline in reading these books will be that I must post a review/ highlights of each book that I cover. I look forward to doing this because it will not only make me better process the books as I read them but I will also have the archive of these posts to return to for reviewing. If all goes well possibly review #1 tomorrow.

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