Thursday, January 11, 2007

Joy and Disappointment

only 2 more EMT classes to go!! Then practicals and the state exam. There is joy in that. Can't wait to get this done so that more time and energy can be diverted to other important projects. With that short of time I found out that 2 members of my class will not be able to finish it and are ineligable to take the final. How disappointing :( I got to thinking about how this applys to life. When the finish is in sight how often we never finish. Those half done projects in the garage, half read books, and those commitments we made but never followed through on. We so often take the low road. I'm thankful that Jesus didn't do that. Where would we be if He had? Carrying things through to the end, even when they are painful is important. I'm ending this day with a little better understanding of what I need to be and do. Funny how much we can learn if we just pay attention to the world around us.

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