Sunday, January 21, 2007

Who will you root for?

Well the dream SuperBowl for MIchiana football fans has happened. Colts or Bears? I think at first glance it is going to be a good game. I'm sure I'll have plenty mor ein the coming two weeks on this matchup but here are the keys as I see them right now:

  • who has the healthiest team? lots of bumps and bruises for both in key areas. week off will help
  • Can the Colts D continue their run stopping prowess? If not, Jones and Benson will run up and down the field. If so, Grossman will have the game on his shoulders -- that would make for some excitment.
  • will Peyton get past all the media hype to be able to concentrate on the game?
  • can Tony and Lovie get credit for being good coaches instead of black coaches?
  • will someone offer me a free trip to Miami to watch? (you gotta dream)
  • Will Reggie Wayne ever catch another pass?

Looking forward to sitting back and enjoying this one. Can't say that I "prefer" either over the other. Like both of them. Looking forward to the 4th for family time, nachos, commercials, hot wings, and who knows what else. I'm praying Prince double checks his wardrobe b4 going on stage...

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