Friday, January 5, 2007

Book #1 - "Bleachers" by John Grisham

I became a fan of Grisham several years ago when I was looking for something different than my usual fare. I have to date read most of his books and am sure I would enjot those that I have yet to read. He is a master of the "page turner" and this book is no different. Ringing in at just over 200 pages in PB it is a quick read as well. In typical Grisham fashion he makes the characters and the story fit into life so well you might think that they are people that you know.
There are many facets to his book but I would have to say that the theme is the past. We all have one. What are our memories and beliefs of the past? To make the quickest summary of this I would say that the past is not to be forgotten, but we cannot let it control us or weigh us down. We must move forward to the future, using our past experiences to teach us and help us make better choices than we have previously. Although there is no direct spiritual application in this book there are lessons that the characters learn and live that we all can apply in our own lives and spiritual walks. Definaletly a quality read, especially for a sports fan or just someone who has had that one person in theor life that placed a great influence on them.

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