Tuesday, January 2, 2007

A few random thoughts...

Thought that I would start the new year by tapping out a few random things that have gone throught my head in the past 24 hours or so...

  • just typed "24" -- t-minus 2 weeks until the new season!
  • you never realize how inconsistent you are until you try to be consistent
  • New Year's party at the church was fun
  • I've got so many great books I have and need/ want to read -- and still I keep shoppong for more --
  • The need to organize some prioities in my time
  • 3 more weeks of EMT class
  • the calendar for '07 feels like it is already getting full , it's only Jan 2nd
  • I can't believe that my boys will be jr highers in the fall
  • This is a great week for football. Even without cable I think I can watch 11 games between Monday and Sunday
  • I hope ND shows up and wins their bowl
  • need to stop typing random thoughts and get to some actual work...

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