Tuesday, January 9, 2007


It's amazing the things that you didn't realize you couldn't see until your vison gets better. Slowly a vison for discipleship is coming from the fog for CRMC. It's also good to feel a personal sense of direction coming to light. Still so many things that I want to see happen and be involved with. The key is wisdom and discernment to know what to be involved with and to what extent. The calendar seems to be full for the year already. Baseball, General Conference, my boys going into Jr High; time flies. I am more and more convinced that God would have us use some new approaches to reaching people and helping other along in their discpleship journey. With the internet, blogs, video, wireless networks and the like, we need to be in place to take advantage for the Kingdom. Seems like a bit of rambling, but it all comes back to the need to have clear vision... for this I pray.

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