Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year, Same Insanity...

I can't believe it's already the 3rd. I have had several posts in draft for a while and fully intended on a New Year's Eve/ Day rush of posts to clear the slate. However, life has been hard at work. Beginning around 7PM Monday evening the snow arrived. As of this morning by best guesstimate is approx. 22 inches in my yard. There has been a lot of shoveling going on. The snow blower is out of commission currently. The shoveling is going a LOT slower due to the fact that I pulled a muscle(s) in my back moving the fist 6-7" of wet snow at about 2 AM Tuesday. I am glad that my wife and boys (sometimes) are glad to pitch in.
I then spent a few hours in the ER Tues night with my mom. She fell and thankfully nothing is broken but she is sore and moving VERY slow. Add to the fact that with n laptop we have one computer that 5 people want to use on a dial up connection (If anyone at Verizon happens to see this, please get the phone lines upgraded in my area so I can get hi-speed!!!!!!!) and I spent basically no time online during my two days off. Plus sitting in one place for very long is uncomfortable with my back at this point. If all goes well I have the following posts that should launch in the next 36 hours...
  1. the final couple book reviews from '07
  2. a review of my reads from '07 along with my '08 goals
  3. a new link dump
  4. possibility of a few movie reviews
  5. NFL playoff predictions


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