Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Book #3 -- Developing the Leader Within You by John Maxwell

This is another of the books that spent way too much time on my reading list/ pile. I started it quite some time ago and put it down, picked it upa nd put it down. This past week I committed myself to finishing the last half of the book.

I did not find anything "profound" as I went through the book. It is John Maxwell at his best but if you have read his material nothing will surprise you. That does not mean that the time was less than worthwhile or that one should not endeavor this book. I found myself reminded of things that frakly I should be doing in my life as second nature. The book is full of practical steps, lists, and a few quizzes/ inventories to help the reader get on the right track. Whether a leader of many or of a few, this book would be a handy read and reference.

I have a few other Maxwell books that I have neer read, this one has encouraged me to get those into the upcoming reads pile.

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