Sunday, January 13, 2008

Questions to ponder

I found the following thoughts at THIS POST from and found it provoking. WHat answers/ thoughts come to your mind as you go think on them?

1) The future leaders of the Christ following movement are still lost. What are we doing to find them?
2) The generations 22 and younger are profoundly shaped by the technological revolution of recent decades: the Internet, Cell phones, iPods, Social Networking sites. Many are capable of building personal web pages much more edgier than any ministry website. Children play on WebKinz, TyGirlz—toys that exists simultaneously in both the cyber world and physical world. How is the Gospel best inculturated in such contexts?
3) 97% of churches in North America are stagnant or declining (75%) or growing only via transfer growth (22%). How should the Christ following movement respond? Is it worth the pain and effort to transition these communities into missional centers that reach lost people or is it better to focus on on creating new faith communities that are seeped in a missional ethos from the beginning?
I would opt for the latter in most cases. Staff the 97% with “chaplain” pastors and deploy the most gifted and entrepreneurial leaders to focus on launching new communities (perhaps recruiting core mission groups) from existing bodies.
4) Given the decay of many church properties and the expense of buying new ones (particularly in urban areas), what role will the church building play in the future?
5) How will theological education be delivered in the 21st century?

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