Monday, January 7, 2008

'08 Book #1 - Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell

The major portion of this book deals with the qualification and training that the author and his team mates endured just to become SEALs. It serves the purpose of providing some history and background on the SEALs and what they do. But the greatest contribution of this section of the book is the understanding that is gained of just how highly trained and prepared these dedicated warriors are to carryout the missions they are given.
The main portion of the book details the events of Operation Redwing in 2005. The battles that took place on that mountain led to the most disastrous losses in the history of the US Navy SEALs. This is the story of Marcus and his unbending will to survive and also of the courage and dedication of his team and the men who embarked on the rescue mission.
From a philosophical standpoint I engaged in the decision that the team had to make about taking innocent lives in order to protect their mission. The choice to not do so likely led to the attack that took the lives of most of Marcus' team. War is messy and decisions made are never easy, this book makes that clear.
If you enjoy military history or biography in any way I would suggest you give this easy to read selection a try.

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