Monday, January 14, 2008

The Showdown is derailed -- Colts lose.

There you have it. The season is finished in Indianapolis. What was by most all accounts merely a preliminary necessity prior to the newest "game of the century" became the unexpected end of a very good season. Someone tell me how a 13-3 team loses at home to a team with their best receiver hobbled, running back and QB on the bench, and about the loudest bunch of fans anywhere. Anyone?

It appeared to be a poor defensive scheme and a lack of consistency on offense combined with a determined effort by the opposing San Diego SuperChargers. Better luck next year fellas; that is if the coach and core members of his staff remain in tact.

I found the movie poster below both fitting and kinda funny. Add to this that Eli is actually going farther in the playoffs than his brother. There is no joy in Indy, the mighty Peyton has struck out.

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