Monday, January 7, 2008

2007 Reading/ 2008 Goals

I set out with the goal of reading (ie. fully completing) 30 books in 2007.

I fell just a bit short, completing 26; several more were started when the calendar flipped (which should give me a jump on '08.)

The Breakdown of "genre" was as follows:

  • 13 - Christian Living/ Ministry
  • 6 - Fiction
  • 3 - Biographies
  • 2 - Business/ Leadership
  • 2 - Other

It was a pretty good effort. The balance was about what I expected/ planned for. I just did not accomplish my goal. I recognized two times during the year that reading time became minimal at best and will try to plan accordingly in the coming year. I was tempted to keep my goal the same but in an effort to acknowledge the fact that I have some books in progress and in an effort to stretch myself I am going to set the bar at 35 BOOKS in 2008. I strive to do this not just to read for reading sake but to accomplish a few goals as well. Those are:

  1. Meet the challenge of being a better Christ Follower by applying the knowledge that I gain.
  2. Improve my writing skills through the creation of reviews for each book read.
  3. Become better read and rounded by adding more of the "classics" from fiction and the church into the rotation.
  4. Enjoy the reading process.
  5. Build a base of known material that can be correctly and intelligently recommend to others.

In January of 2009 we will revisit these goals and see how they went. On with the reading...

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