Monday, April 2, 2007


  • being on vacation is kinda weird. I can't remember the last time I was off for a whol;e week and didn't have a specific mission (camp, conference, etc.)
  • Living in the midwest is goofy. It's 74 here today. Snow coming Wednesday ...
  • I hope everyone shows up for FPU tonight
  • I am excited that we are taking a couple days just as a family to get away on Wednesday and Thursday. We are going HERE
  • Although I'm not particularly partial to either team I will be rooting for Florida tonight
  • The MLB season has begun. Baseball is great; to play, in person, on the radio, on TV, you name it
  • Easter seems really early this year. kinda like daylight savings time... don't get me started
  • kids will always surprise you will the funniest or coolest things
  • don't know how much blogging I'll do this week. My guess is either next to none or a whole bunch. It is supposed to snow.

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