Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Link Dump -- 1/27/09

The importance of the body...

Vortex Bar & Grill on 'Man vs. Food'

Obama's Triumphal Entry on a Donkey

How to Spot a Canadian

How to Read a Book: The Rules for Analytical Reading

Governor Palin Fights Army Over Benefits To Native Alaskans

Sexting Surprise: Teens face child porn charges

15 Talking Points About Abortion

Top Ten Food Trends in 2009

8 Awesome Tools To Create & Manage All Your Passwords

This will DRIVE YOU NUTS!!

Tim Tebow and his Faith

Top gun mistakes movies make

Warren Buffett Says U.S. In 'Economic Pearl Harbor'

Kelvin Sampson can’t leave well enough alone

What’s Your PDP (People Development Plan)?

The Year of the Pickle, and Other Jewish Food Astrology

Why America needs Sarah Palin

Unitasker Wednesday: The flying alarm clock

Safe storage for your digital data

Why Your Church Isn't Growing (James 4)

Obedience requires sacrifice

Quackery: The Amazing "Diet Guard"

How to find the sweet spot when buying electronics

Security is an illusion. Freedom is real.

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