Monday, January 12, 2009

Tony Dungy choses retirement.

Media outlets are reporting that Tony Dungy will announce his retirement at the scheduled press conference this afternoon. After the heart breaking loss at San Diego last week I wasn't sure that he would be able to let go and head into retirement. The reports indicate that he has been spending the day saying "goodbye" to players and personnel at the Colts' facility. I have a great respect for this man. He has shown that a godly man can lead and win. His character is important; especially in my world where he is the coach of my sons' favorite team. He has been a positive example for me, my boys, and the rest of the believing and non-believing world to watch.

I will not stop watching him though. He has suggested that when he retires (he is only 53) his plans include more family time as well as finding God's place for him in ministering to young men. The career God has allowed him to have will give him a unique voice and position of influence to speak Truth into young lives; that is great stuff.

Tony we have loved your coaching, you will be missed on Sunday afternoons. Thank you for reminding us though that there are more important things.

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