Sunday, January 4, 2009

Colts Lose ... Pitchers and Catchers Report In Just Over A Month

With the overtime loss by the Colts on Saturday night, my "rooting interest" in football is done for the season. There are still some good games to enjoy but with ND, Bears, and Colts in the books no vested interest. I'll be watching for sure; but now it is a pass time until baseball begins. Time to watch the hot stove, ponder the fantasy baseball draft, and enjoy the remaining football games and some college hoops. Here are some free flowing random thoughts on the topics at hand:

  • Could Tony Dungy really call it quits after a loss like that?

  • Will Ohio State be any match for Texas on Monday?

  • There is no clear favorite to win the Super Bowl.

  • Is the ND hoops team as good as they are ranked/ advertised?

  • Is the IU hoops teams as bad as advertised this season?

  • Will it actually be the White Sox landing Brian Roberts instead of the Cubs?

  • How in the world do you trade Mark DeRosa to make room for Milton Bradley?

  • the hockey game at Wrigley was cool

  • I haven't looked but I'll bet the over under on the National Title game is 80.

  • I sure hope that Charlie Weis has the O lineman working overtime this offseason.

  • Darren Sproules is unbelieveable!
  • it is time for Brett Favre to give it up.

  • this post is dragging out... I'll leave you with a video of the opening night of the MLB Network

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