Sunday, January 4, 2009

ND vs. USC circa 1999 liveblog

I found a condensed version (one more reason to love Hulu) of the '99 ND vs. USC match up. I thought it could be fun to live blog it for kicks...

  • Dick Enberg does the broadcast. I wish he still did the games

  • Joey Getheral: great to hear that name and watch him play

  • Julius Jones is a freshmen here... fast forward 10 years and he may be on the down side of his NFL career already

  • commercial reference to Third Watch. I loved that show; 9-11 ruined it; i should see if I can find it in DVD

  • I do not miss ND running an option based offense... they look lost and inept

  • I am reminded why Bob Davie got fired

  • 21-3 Trojans at the Half ... YUCK and POO

  • Rocky Boiman ... He was one of the first ND players my boys met. I need to find that photo

  • the ND place kicking game was truly bad for about 15 years.

  • Paul Hackett trying to pull of the Bo Schembechler look, LOL

  • late third quarter: the momentum is definitely changing!

  • it's raining pretty hard now

  • end of 3 : 24-10 USC ... ND is marching in Trojan territory

  • Jarius Jackson was a pure athlete

  • missed xtra point ... UGH! 24-16 USC

  • 10 yard USC punt ... opportunity is knocking

  • 24-19 after field goal ...

  • the USC defense looks tired, lots of missed coverages, Jackson not accurate enough in the rain

  • Jackson scrambles, runs for 20 yds, fumbles on the 1, ND recovers in the end zone! 2 pts conversion no good 25-24 ND

  • 2:30 left

  • ND strips the ball and looks to hold on/ run out the clock

  • USC recovers fumble with just over a minute ... nail biting time

  • turnover on downs ... victory formation !

  • biggest comeback since the Montana Cotton Bowl

That was pretty fun. There are a few other ND games and some others available. I may do that again...

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