Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sinner by Ted Dekker

I am a fairly late adopter of Ted Dekker. Not sure why it happened but I believe I may have been in a phase of reading John Grisham and Tom Clancy as my main source of fiction reading at the time he broke onto the scene. That being said, it has not taken me long to start enjoying his work. His ability to not only tell quality stories from a thinking perspective and to tie them together (you can read any of his series and connect links without losing their individuality) is one of the big draws for me. In fact you do not even have to read the book s of a particular series in order to enjoy them.
Last week I finished Sinner. This is book 3 in the Paradise Novels; one of 3 series within the Books of History Chronicles. While al of Dekker’s books have dealt with spiritual aspects, this one drives it home. The latest ventures of Johnny Drake produce a challenge to all believers regarding who they say Jesus is and the reality that the world is not a place that loves Him or His followers. It also deals with issues of how the enemy has deceived the world and even believers have been blinded to the true realities of the spiritual and physical worlds.
I truly am anxious to move/ catch up on the books that I have yet to read and are yet to come. I also am interested in investigating It looks like a great community of fellow readers to share with. A good story speaks to the reader, Sinner shouts!

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