Monday, February 2, 2009

Link Dump -- 2/2/09 Groundhog Edition

Screwy week last week. Got a lot of stuff floating in my noggin'. Lookiing to get it up here in the next few days... for now check out some stuff from the past week in the blogosphere.

Vortex Bar & Grill on 'Man vs. Food'

Protestant churchgoers are no more loyal to their church denomination than they are to brands of toothpaste or bathroom tissue

Flight 1549 PowerPoint

No Tipping On Sundays ... THIS MAKES ME ANGRY!!!!!!

The Ten Most Redeeming Films of 2008

How to Read a Book: The Rules for Analytical Reading

Dietary protein increases lean mass

Yow-za! Coach Shares Faith at Own Funeral

Anti-Abortion Super Bowl Ad Rejected by NBC

Fox Picks Up Next Narnia Film

Five Rules for Hospital Visitation

Governor Palin: Open ANWR For Drilling

The 5 Most Disgusting Foods. Ever.

An Introduction To Popular Netbooks

Are you Willing to be Hated for Speaking the Gospel Truth?

Some Thoughts on The Shack

Free “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”

Man Details How He Faked Death in Florida Surf 20 Years Ago

Phelps Calls Picture of Him Smoking Marijuana 'Regrettable'

MergePDF Combines PDF Documents for Free [PDF]

Brew the Best Possible Coffee Without Breaking the Bank [Coffee]

Run Disk Cleanup Automatically at Startup [Automation]

Post Office Could Cut One Day of Delivery—Tuesday [Mail]

Small group haters - Read this

Saudi Arabia Arrests Christian Blogger

Myanmar's Christian Chin Are Being Persecuted

Jesus and homosexuality (NEXT! #1)

Bart Simpson recruited into Scientology against his will


Kurt Warner's Faith Story

What is school for?

Group Caught with Bibles, Kicked out of Sudan

10 Innovative But Obscure Sites That Put Money In Your Pocket

how many cups of coffee would it take to kill you?

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