Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Link Dump -- 2/24/09

Truck Spills Hamburger Patties on I-15

12 Tools Every Man Should Have in His Toolbox

Lou Holtz To Coach Notre Dame Alums Against Japanese Team

Disciplined Duty vs. the Lie of Legalism

NCAA Rules Committee Gone Mad: Taunting After a Touchdown Might Erase the Touchdown

Cubs 2009 TV Broadcast Schedule Announced

Pope Gives Pelosi a Stern Reprimand

The Most Religious States in the U.S.

James' Resolutions on Speech by Ryan Townsend

Harris Poll: Governor Palin an American Hero

Boston Globe Notes Horrifying Trend: Young Women More Conservative Than Parents

Seton Hall Too Cheap to Be in Big East

Preserve the District of Columbia’s Unique Constitutional Status

More Proof White House Mortgage Plan Won’t Work

Exponential E-book: Leadership Learnings

Obama Signs Presidential Determination Allowing Palestinians Loyal to Hamas to Resettle In US

Fifteen Random Thoughts About the Economic Crisis

Quick And Easy Low-Carb Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe


Please Help Me Launch My T-Shirt Business: Christian T-Shirts that Christians Won't Like

Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know [Privacy]

The 10 Most and Least Affordable Cities in the US [Saving Money]

Roast Your Own Coffee [DIY]

Abraham Lincoln on Dealing with Critics

My Orders Are To Fight

Top 100 Leadership Blogs

The 10 Most Bizarre Soft Drinks

Pepsi to Use Real Sugar in 'Pepsi Throwback' and 'Mountain Dew Throwback' in April

Global Antisemitism on the Rise

Usual order: read bill, then vote on it

Man vs Bacon Explosion

Get a free sub from Quiznos

101 Tax deductions for bloggers and freelancers

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