Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Sharing my birthday...

My birthday was Sunday. I always find it nice that people will wish me a happy birthday, give me a card or some other similar nice gesture. I have never been real big on celebrating myself, doesn't seem that big a deal to me. Within the past 24 hours I have found out a couple of cool people I share "my" day with. I grew up with a girl named Laura who always was in my circle of friends. She brought her mom to church on Sunday and after wishing me a happy day she let me know that her son also was born on June 3rd. kinda cool.
The ones that I find really cool are that I have just found out that a pastor whose blog I read as well as a young lady in our church have June 3rd as their spritual birthday. That makes me happy! Here's hoping for a whole bunch more people to share this day. I really am willing to share!

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Kickstand said...

Happy Birthday Paul :-)