Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Guy's Night out --- Minor League baseball

Tonight was a guy's night out; just me and my boys. We went to see our local minor league baseball team . Minor league baseball is great! Lots of fun in a family atmosphere that is actually affordable. Mondays are $1 night. That includes tickets, hot dogs, and sodas. We splurged and got $3 seats which put us in t he 2nd row behind the home dugout; great view.
I caught a free t-shirt which Caleb won in a game of rock-paper-scissors with Mason. A few innings later Caleb caught a game ball that had landed on the roof. The team staff throws these "gutter balls" out to the fans. It was his night. But the best things was it was OUR night together. They'll be 13 in a couple months and in what will seem like a few hours more, 23. I cherished tonight and was reminded how important times like this are.
Now if I could just convince Micki how important it would be to the family if we got season tickets...

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