Sunday, February 3, 2008

Manning Wins the Super Bowl

Ok. The above statement doesn't seem too out of place; until you realize that it wasn't Peyton. Anyone who says that they saw this coming even a month ago is probably being a little less than truthful. A few things came to my mind...
  • It was cool to watch a brother root for another in such an authentic way
  • Could the dynasty over the next few years be how many Manning SB wins there will be?
  • How unfulfilled must the Patriots feel?
  • that play where Eli escaped the sack, and then heaved the ball to Tyree (who made and incredible catch) could be a career defining play
  • was Belicheck leaving the field before the game was officially over an act of emotion or of poor sportsmaship?
  • The Pats offensive line had the worst game of theor careers I think
  • Congrats to the Giants.
  • I'll probably watch the Pro Bowl; because thats it for football until August!

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