Saturday, February 9, 2008

Book #4 -- Confessions of a Pastor by Craig Groeschel

When I orginally added this book to my reading pile I thought that it was an inside look into ministry life based on the title. I had paid no attention to the sub-title, "Adventures in Dropping the Pose and Getting Real with God". While there is a great deal of sharing about ministry life, that is not the focus of the book.
Craig uses his transparent and honest style to mark a path through many of the big hangups that Christians face. With chapters like "I can't stand a lot of Christians", "I hate prayer meetings", and "Sometimes I doubt God" the reader is led places that most are at the very least wary of going in today's culture.
At the end of the book I personally felt hope. Hope because I can see some areas of my life that need addressing and it can be done. Also hope because I realize that many of the doubts, fears, and concerns I have and have had in the past are actually shared experiences rather than something weird.
When we recognize that it is a lie that we are odd and no one is like us we can step to freedom. The key is having the guts to stand up, speak up, and unite with other believers (who have their own issues) and walk toward personal victory in Jesus. No more going it alone, no more trying to do it on your own without God. Being honest with yourself, God, and others around you is the way to pull your head from the sand.
This book may not be for everyone; it takes a willingness to face the man in the mirror to get the most from the book. Thankfully Craig has written in an honest, open style that intives rather than bashes the reader into those personal journeys.

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