Thursday, February 21, 2008

FPU - Off and running

Haven't had much time for blogging this week. Seems like life is running at a bit higher speed for some reason.
We met for the first FPU (Financial Peace University) class last Sunday evening. There were 11 in attendance. 4 of us were at least second timers. There were 2 couples that did not make it. One returning and one younger married couple. Two things that excite me about this group:
  1. There are some in this group who have never done anyting in the church outside of attending worship. This is a HUGE step for them to grow.
  2. There is the biggest diversity in ages of all the classes I have hosted. This will lead to good things as we continue our accountability and discussion portions of the class.

This group seems as serious as any of the groups I have led to date about winning financially. I have already had some honest discussions about the regret that some have over their past decisions and the hope they have in doing right from here on out. God is preparing to do some awesome things in these people's lives!

I am heading right now to prep for the next session. It is about learning how to relate to money and how to start preparing a monthly zero based budget. This is vital to those who have just made the decision to stop losing with money. I'll be honest, the monthly budget is our personal weakness. We tend to deal in generalities at our house. We need to get better at this so our winning process gets accelerated. I am already excited for Sunday evening.

What steps have you taken recently to win with finances?

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