Thursday, February 14, 2008

Book #4 - I Was Broke Now I'm Not by Joseph Sangl

I believe that I have been reading Joe's blog for about a year. There are 2 reasons that I enjoy what he has to say so much. 1 - He is passionate! 2 - He is practical. These are two powerful attributes to succeeding with money. As a FPU coordinator, I have enjoyed his perspectives and have found insipirations for my personal finainces and to pass along to those on the journey with me. When I heard that he was writing a book, I was excited to get a copy.

Folks, this is just the type of book that everyone needs to read about their finances. The two attributes I mentioned above are in this text in extreme doses. It is the inspirational story of how he and his wife have succeeded with money. Therein lies another key to winning wuth money. LISTEN TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE SUCCEEDED. Everyone has an opinion. Joe has gone through and is living what he teaches.

This is not an in-depth scientific or technical text on money managment. It is clear, basic steps that every person can, and should put to use. Anytime you read a book and it motivates you to action, it is a good thing. This is one of those books. You can get a copy HERE. Honoring God by handling your finances well is as liberating a feeling as there is. This is a book that will be in my personal "toolbox" as I encourage others to be good stewards and win with their finances.

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Joseph Sangl said...

Paul, this review is so kind! Thank you so much for helping spread this crusade! I appreciate your passion for helping others win with their money so that they can go do exactly what they have been put on this earth to do!