Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Link Dump - Lots O links Edition

5 Inspiration Hacks for Creative People
She Lies About Her Weight (and other online activities of women)
Scholars Find Treasure Trove of Early New Testament Manuscripts
Hardcore Baptist Pick-up Lines
Credit Card Companies Are Like Drug Dealers
Preaching Sites - great list of study resources
Average American Christian: 9 Bibles, Always Looking for a New One, and Hardly Reads the one He Has
Dobson: If McCain is the Nominee, I Won’t Vote
Essential Reading: In the Name of Jesus
Good Coaching Questions
Never Forget an Item at the Supermarket [Grocery List]
Get Over the Flu Quickly [Health]
Why You Should Read Ebooks [Ebooks]
Save Money While Spending Freely with Reverse Budgeting [Personal Finance]
Verify Campaign Claims at FactCheck.org [Politics]
Markee Dry Erase Paint [Stuff We Like]
Are you STUCK? - Part One
The Most Beneficial Health Supplement You've Probably Never Heard Of--CoQ10!
The Church: Flawed and Finished (1)
Another Osteen Rant
Dr. BBQ’s Top 10 Tailgating Tips
Scary Newspaper Headline: 'Super Bowl Massacre Averted at Last Minute'
Tim Keller in Newsweek
Sometimes Only God Can Feel Hope
Big Green Egg -- Im really considering one of these...
Firing A Volunteer
Pastoral Leadership during Potential Conflict 101
Our Faith Inside and Outside the Church
Yep, Evangelicals Prefer Clinton to Obama
The Blind Hypocrisy of Just Doing Church
Fetal Twins Save Mom's Life
Questions about Music and Church
Union University Tornado - video footage and testimony
N.T. Wright on Heaven
Mohler: Top 10 Books Every Preacher Should Read in 2008
Ice from airplane potty crashes through Calgary roof
2008 Persecutor Of Christians Rankings
10 Ways to Improve the NFL
Irish Blarney: Peering into a football future
Attack of the Marijuana Ministers Part 3

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