Monday, October 15, 2007

Thoughts on Notre Dame...

A few thoughts on the state of the ND football team after this week's loss to Boston College:
  1. as painful as it is to watch at times, you can see improvement all around the field
  2. opportunity knocked; and whether it was due to inexperience or a superior foe, the Irish failed to kick in the door
  3. the quarterback issue is really an issue of a "chance to win this week" vs. preparing to win down the road. This is the choice that Charlie faces; I do not envy him.
  4. much is being made of the number of transfers from the sophomore class; it is not that unusual in major programs; some people just do not fit in
  5. I only worry a bit that losing is becoming acceptable. Tom Zibikowski said after the game that you can "live with a loss as long as we know everyone played hard for the whole game"
  6. take into fact that this team is getting experience against talent in the top of the NCAA pool and it is easier to be hopeful that they have at least become competitive

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