Thursday, October 18, 2007

Book #18 - In The Name of Jesus by Henri Nouwen -- Part 1

I am in a stage of personal frustration with my reading habits. Not that I am not reading mind you; blogs, Bible (not nearly enough), SEVERAL books started and more joining the "to read" pile are part of my daily routine. Unfortunately I have been in a rut of finishing books that are started. I am hoping to jump start my focus with a series of posts on my most recent book.

I picked this book up just yesterday in fact. At right about 100 pages it was an easy read and accomplished several things.

  1. It gave me a book that I could FINISH

  2. it was an easy read

  3. it filled in one of my areas of balance in reading; the classics. We too often run after the newest/ hottest titles.

  4. It spoke deeply to me

Over the next several days I will be providing insights from the book and my responses to them; many will simply stand on their own. The subtitle of the book, Reflections on Christian Leadership, speaks of the heart of the text. The book is divided in to three sections of three short chapters each.

From Relevance to Prayer

From Popularity to Ministry

From Leading to Being Led

The book was written in 1989 as a look to the future of leadership in the church. It challenges many of the thoughts and processes that are prevalent in today's Church. The book is focused around two main passages: Jesus' temptation in Matthew 4 and Jesus' commission of Peter in John 21. A challenge and a call to leaders in the church; I look forward to writing more about this inspiring little book.

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