Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Day Off Blog

This is the first time on over a month that I had a dayS off to blog about. With having Saturday and Sunday nights off and returning at 11 on Monday, it was almost like 3 days. It felt great. This is the breakdown.

  • spent 4 hours replacing a solenoid and starter on one of our vans. Not a planned vent but it had to be done.
  • watched Notre Dame lose again. There were some bright spots but I missed several because I dozed off during the game -- I was tired
  • spent some time just hanging out with my wife and kids;
  • watched a little more football


  • went in early to the church to get a few things ready and then handles SS and graphics for the service
  • ate lunch with two other couples from the church.
  • shopped for a new stereo for the van
  • watched football/ chilled at home


  • took my daughter to school. she loves sleeping in and I get a little one on one time. It's a win win for us both
  • worked at the church
  • picked up some connections I needed and installed the stereo in the van
  • hung out and ate dinner at home
  • took a nap before returning to work

Not a complete break from the routine; as happens when my days off fall around Sunday or Monday but I still feel like it was successful and well spent time. I'm getting better.

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