Monday, October 8, 2007

Days Off Blog

I had another opportunity to take two consecutive days this week. The were officially Friday and Saturday nights. What I did...
  • took a nap; a good way to start the day!
  • replaced the alternator on one of the vans. This is the down side of older vehicles, numerous repairs. On the upside they're easier to afford when you are not making a car payment.
  • took Micki and Caleb out to Wings for dinner
  • rented and watched "We Are Marshall". A good family film. Some language but nothing graphic.


  • worked with 4 others from our church at HCJB for about 5 hours. We built some shelving for them. I had no idea that their ministry was so big! It is cool to get outside of our own church walls and participate; we need to be doing more of this.
  • experimented with roasting some ducks on the grill. Worked pretty well. I look forward to trying some chickens and maybe even a turkey
  • watched the demise of the Cubs' season -- wait 'til next year...
  • watched Notre Dame get their first win of the season. With all of the upsets around the country it still gives hope that they might be able to pull one off in the next two weeks against either BC or USC. We will see. Remind yourself, baby steps...


  • early to the church to get things ready for worship and Sunday School
  • taught SS and did graphics for worship
  • caught a short nap around a little football and NASCAR
  • prepared and ran graphics for a celebration of 50 years in ministry for one of our musicians at the church
  • watched a little Bears, caught a few winks
  • back to work at 11 PM

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