Saturday, September 15, 2007

ND / Michigan in web pictures.

I thought it would be fun to share few pregame thoughts that came to me about the game and attach some pictures to them. In no particular order...
This game doesn't seem to have the same gusto as when these guys were at the helm:

I think that ABC will spend a lot of time focusing on fans of both sides looking a lot like this young lady. It might be no small irony in a few weeks that she is in a Cubs hat but that's another post:

I've seen a lot of questions around the web about whether this guy is actually injured:

This duo will have the most to say about whether ND has improved enough this week to win:

This series has always been won on big plays Manningham last year, the Rocket, Desmond Howard, Woodson, Tim Brown, etc. I for one will be watching in hopes of an ND victory of course but also with an eye to the future as well as the past of this great rivalry. GO IRISH!!!

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