Saturday, September 22, 2007

Link Dump - September 22nd

BBQ Foods: Kentucky Burgoo - this might require a roadtrip at some point...
Considering the Qur’an
A Small List of Good Books we need to be reading more
Ultimate Frugality - Ten New Ways For You To Save Money.
Why Church Workers are Prime Candidates as Porn Addicts
Los Angeles Police Department officer Joey Getherall gridiron hero becomes a real life hero
"God Wants to Give Us Nice Things"
Are Church Plants the most Effective form of Evangelism?
Self-taught MBA
This Is Not the World's Greatest Dad No Matter What His Shirt Says
8 Marks of a Disciple
What If You Spent One Year Following Every Rule in the Bible?
and...scene. Interesting info on the departure of the ND quarterback Demetrius Jones
Popular Mechanics 25 Skills Every Man Should Know I've 22 (maybe 23) of these down

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Greg Despres said...

thanks for the shout out! I have a blog joke for you seeing that you are a NOTRE DAME fan...Derry has a great blog and is a serious ND fan...enjoy