Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Book #17 -- The Listener by Terri Blackstock

I was at the Library yesterday afternoon and just happened across this book. I was skimming through the inspirational fiction area and found it. I have become a fan of Blackstock, having now read I believe 10 of her books. I had never seen or heard of this one and found it different than her usual murder/ mystery/ thriller books.

At about 160 pages it is a fairly quick read. I started when I got home and finished on my break tonight at work. It had part to do with the size and ease of the book as well as the story that pulled the reader in.

It is the story of a man named Sam who receives a gift from God. He is able to audibly hear the deepest needs of people's souls. What happens next is an inspiration and motivation to spread the good news of Jesus to anyone who needs it, that just happens to be everyone. I will not repeat specific stories from the book due to the spoiler factor.

While some portions of the book seem a bit forced and definitely fiction filled, I took some powerful messages away from the story. We need to remember that it is every Christian's job to share about Jesus, no exceptions. Also the best way to reach people is to recognize the needs that a present in their lives and start by addressing those. When people have their needs met they are very receptive to what God has for them. No major epiphanies here, just a new way to reinforce the truth.

This story shows what could happen if an individual and a group of believers would crawl over and out of the walls of the church to engage people where they are at. Definitely a worthwhile read and a challenge to action. What would you hear of you could hear what God hears? How would you respond?

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