Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A grilling we will go...

We decided to go ahead and get a new grill. We love to cook out and the one we have has seen its finer days for sure. So after looking around a bit we decided on a grill from Lowes. This is where the customer service portion of the program takes off. We got a great deal (20% off) and got a little nicer grill than we might have for the money.
After making the purchase (my wife was by herself) an employee helps her with getting it to the van (good service!). Then it is discovered that the box will not fit even with the seat folded down, so a decision is made to unpack the grill from the box and place everything in the van. Upon getting it home and preparing to set it up my wife discovers that the grill lid id damaged and cracked. UGH!
As of typing this all of the parts have been re-loaded into the van and will be returned to the store in the morning. I'll give an update on how Lowes handles this customer service opportunity. I have the receipt, all of the parts, but no box. I am hoping for an easy exchange.

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