Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Sometimes you have to ask tough questions

Craig Groeschel posted this last week on his blog. The jist being the three questions:

1. If you weren’t on staff at your church, would you worship there?
2. If you didn’t know ANYTHING about Jesus, what would you know about him after a normal weekend at your church?
3. If you had a loved one who didn’t know Christ, and they had one week left to live, would you take them to your church or another?

I have challenegd myself with these questions and I think that we all would be wise to do so. Are you happy with the answers that you give? Make you feel uncomfortable? My main thought is that if we are unhappy with any of these we should not just sit on our hand and complain about it. It is time for action. We need to have an active role in our local body becoming the kind of church it should. My 2 cents...

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